Green Sharlene

Digging Deep Within

The past four months have indeed been incredibly difficult in our industry as restaurateurs. We are living in a time of much uncertainty and our sole source of income is certainly at risk. We've been through some tough times in our many years in the restaurant business, but these forced closures take the cake. 

Will we make it? We aren't sure. Have we stopped trying? Absolutely not, but I am having a harder time pulling tricks out of my hat. I could give into the fear that creeps up, but that's not how we roll. We look for solutions. We have an amazing community rooting for us and we are determined to figure out how to get through this horrible situation, and we have for the first time asked for help. That seemed hard to fathom, as we prided ourselves on helping others in our community. We love to nurture and feed a good cause. We feel blessed to have been able to do so. Times are different now, and we are in survival mode. 

So I've been digging deeper within' praying a lot and good things happen. Our local fairgrounds offered up picnic tables and bigtop tents so we and other local eateries could pop up outdoor dining space. Folks in the community came together to help us put together a space that just might work. We're having a hard time and so are my fellow restaurant colleagues so we are reaching out to one another. Just to check in and uplift each other. We want all boats to stay afloat. I've even made contact with a restaurant family out of town who has bravely defied the governors order to keep their business going. I'm digging deep, asking for the solution for our business, and reopening is truly the only way. Our industry is being destroyed unfairly, while big box stores remain open and large gatherings for protest are allowed, small businesses are forced to shutdown. 

In this time of uncertainty, I am certain I feel best when I look within' and grow. I pray to grow in patience and in strength to do what is right for our family, our business, employees, guests, community & country. May we always lead with our hearts. May we take the opportunity to keep the American dream of entrepreneurship alive. I'm digging deep for answers to my questions, things aren't making sense, so I am digging deep within for some clarity and solutions to get out of this hole we're in. I believe, even in the hardest of times, that there is a sprout of hope and I'm going to nurture it.