Green Sharlene

Making a Sweet Green Comeback

Green Sharlene was born years ago but has just recently blossomed in to a new business and opportunity. Let me introduce to you my new branch of business

I am so excited to share with you the amazing benefits of CBD. I have aligned with the very best in product and integrity. It all begins from seed at a sixth generation family farm in North Carolina that has been farming organically since the 70’s. The family started  growing hemp when the Farm Bill passed in 2018 continuing organic practices Certified USDA Organic and better. They call it farm to family as it all grew from an idea to help family and friends. The company oversees everything from seed to seal. Every step is vertically integrated, meaning the company oversees every bit of growing, harvesting, drying, extracting, formulating and bottling right here in the USA. It is so important to know the source of your CBD, because CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA, we’ve got to read labels and get to the source. So much product on the market is grown overseas and can be tainted with chemicals & toxins that can be so harmful to your health.

So here I am, making a comeback opening up my Green Sharlene business, and I am thrilled to begin this new journey.  Everything about it falls inline with my Green Sharlene mantra of health, happiness, & enjoying life. We’ve got this one sweet life and I look forward to growing and learning to help you find your sweet spot.


Green Sharlene